If you decide to fully outsource your debtor management, we will take your entire invoice payment follow-up process off your hands.

We will daily check which invoices are still unpaid, send payment reminders in your name, answer any telephone calls from your customers and contact them by telephone if your invoices remain unpaid.


This means less additional staff, no software investments and more time for your core activities.

You ensure that your company prospers, we ensure that this is financially possible.

You determine the time between the expiry date of your invoices and the sending of payment reminders.

These payment reminders will be sent by telephone and mail, in your name. We also answer any telephone calls from your customers, if they have any remarks about your invoices.

Using our state-of-the-art software programme, you can always consult the current status of all your invoices; you can also check and improve the payment behaviour of all your clients.

If any invoices still remain unpaid after all these steps, we can collect these amicably and judicially. 



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