A company that fails to pay our clients’ invoices on their expiry date is not only a cost to our clients, but also causes them to lack the financial means on the expiry date to fund their business operations and/or investments.
It is our core task to look after our clients’ financial interests and thus improve their liquidity and solvency.
We do so with passion and pride, taking the debtor’s financial situation into consideration.

A heavy-handed approach often results in the debtor being disinclined to make the payment. A soft approach has the same result.
Our specialists have mastered this balancing act like no other.
We ensure that the debtor is absolutely aware of the fact that our client wants the outstanding invoices to be paid, but also take into account the debtor’s financial situation, to prevent any strain on the commercial relationship between our client and the debtor.
It is always the intention to obtain payment of our clients’ outstanding invoices as soon as possible.
If this is not possible in an amicable phase, we will immediately initiate judicial proceedings, after consultation with our clients.