Good credit management begins with the signing of a contract with your customer. The customer’s acceptance of your general terms and conditions is the determining factor, not only with regard to payment facilities, but also in any areas where it is legally possible to cover the business risk.

This aspect of good credit management should not be underestimated. You can rely on us for all your credit management facets.

Would you like an in-depth analyses of your debtor management, from optimising tenders to securing payment of your invoices, with advice on potential improvements?

Would you like our experts to visit you and help you develop a debtor’s policy, making it crystal clear for you and your employees which actions need to be taken and when?

Or would you like to completely outsource your debtor management? We will assist and counsel you where and when you want. If your customer continues refusing to pay, we will initiate an amicable, and if necessary, judicial collection process.

The choice of these services is entirely up to our clients. The smooth transition from debtor management to amicable and/or judicial collection is inherent to Global Collection. No new contacts, no new software programmes, no transfer of files (manual or otherwise) to self-consulted attorneys or bailiffs. All our activities form a perfect match. In the event of judicial collection, we collaborate with well-reputed bailiffs and our clients are assisted by a renowned law firm.

All our services are provided with complete openness and transparency.Your files can be consulted at all times and we are always at your disposal for any questions or remarks. If necessary, you can draw reports from our state-of-the-art software programme, giving you an absolute and up-to-date overview of and insight into your debtors’ portfolio.

In addition, we have extensive experience in drafting general terms and conditions, formulating legal advice and providing legal assistance, which you can always rely on.